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Using Bankruptcy Law to give you hope and ease your fears
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Using Bankruptcy Law to give you hope and ease your fears
(803) 536-5055


Bankruptcy Law Services

​​Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
​A Chapter 7 is if you are not able to repay the debt, this is usually because you do not have enough income to allow your debts to be restructured. In order to be able to file a Chapter 7 you have to meet a certain income test. The US Bankruptcy Law may allow you to protect assets while getting rid of all of your debt. The Bankruptcy Law allows you to protect your home and possessions up to certain limits. In the vast majority of cases people can protect all of their assets and get rid of their debt. I will work with you to see if Chapter 7 is the right solution for you.
​Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
​I do not charge fees from you before filing. I will be paid, along with other creditors through a plan. In a Chapter 13 you are trying to reorganize HOW you repay your debt. If you are behind on a car payment or mortgage you can propose to repay those debts over up to 60 months AND reduce the interest rate on the debt to the Federal rate of 5.25%. I can help you go through your income and other regular living expenses to set up a repayment plan for your car and/or mortgage debt. Credit cards and medical debt can often be repaid at 2% of the original amount over 60 months.
​Keep your home and car.
​Get rid of credit card debt, medical debt, old income taxes and second mortgages.

I work to try and help people find a way through their debt problems. I get to know them and all about their unique situation. For me,the practice of Bankruptcy Law is all about helping you move on with hope and understanding of how to fix your specific debt issues.I have practiced law for 27 years with the last 10 being focused on debt solutions and bankruptcy. As a member of the South Carolina Bankruptcy Law Association I have access to the latest ways to deal with debt. But, again, it is about personal service, a full explanation of bankruptcy and help.

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